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The moment has come to experience Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando Florida. Musicians are often asked, "What are your influences?" As I listen to my unique musical voice, I can easily say that Herbie's journey in music has most certainly influenced my perspective on the rich culture of jazz and musicianship. Please click on the image below to read the concert preview. I am honored to be quoted in regards to these remarkable gentlemen and legends in jazz.

Winter Wonderland feat. Darrius Jamar, Jamie WilliamS. and Derrick Harvin

Season's greetings!

This is a very special time of year - a time to cherish, love, and share. It was such a great pleasure recording Winter Wonderland with my friends, Darrius Jamar and Jamie WilliamS. and I would like to share our video with you. These guys are such top notch artist and a delight to work with. I hope our rendition of this holiday favorite warms your heart and fill your home with joy during this season. Wishing you all great cheer!

- Derrick Harvin

Sleigh bells ring are you listening . . .

WINTER WONDERLAND - For solo musicians Darrius Jamar, Jamie WilliamS., and Derrick Harvin, the artistry of smooth jazz is a joy to be shared with others. Brought together through mutual respect for each other’s musicianship and an uninhibited endearment for contemporary jazz, Jamar, WilliamS., and Harvin are now beginning their own journey as an instrumental trio.

Having already established themselves as solo artists, songwriters, and producers in their own respected rights, setting their sights on a collaborative project was as natural and effortless as the smooth jazz rhythms featured on their debut single. With Jamar providing solid and steady bass and drums, WilliamS. giving a velvety sax performance, and Harvin’s provokingly tasteful piano, the trio create an unforgettable introduction for themselves with their original arrangement of the classic holiday favorite, “Winter Wonderland.” Just in time for the holiday season, “Winter Wonderland,” set to release on November 24th, offers a timeless elegance to the age old song, with thoughtful dynamics and modern melodic structure that evoke the warm, glamorous sensibilities of the holidays in New York City.

Less than two weeks before the release date, the trio’s “Winter Wonderland” was no more than an unrealized dream, and today, its seamless and innovative instrumentation is a testimony to the divine formula of the union of Jamar, WilliamS., and Harvin. Just a few moments in the studio together proved to be enough to turn three successful solo artists into a contemporary jazz group, and this lead single serves as their confidant salutation to the jazz community. 

As individuals, these salutations have already been made to applause and acclaim. Bassist and drummer Jamar released his self-produced debut smooth jazz EP, Bounce Back in September 2015, which features a rhythmic blend of R&B and jazz, and Saxophonist WilliamS.’ 2005 album, After Hours, gives a glimpse of inventive yet classic saxophone style. Producer and pianist Harvin recently released his debut album, From Here, a step in a creative direction that has transformed Harvin from a producer for the stars into a solo artist himself.

This is just the beginning for the instrumental trio of Jamar, WilliamS., and Harvin, and as they continue to contribute to the rich culture of jazz, their collective expression is sure to become a cornerstone in collaborative jazz music.

- Courtney Caggiano

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New feature - Bounce Back!


I'm so proud to announce that I am featured on Darrius Jamar's new release - Bounce Back (EP). The upbeat and infectious groove of the self-titled single, Bounce Back, will certainly have you up and moving from the start. Great things are in store for Darrius and this amazing EP, as I am sure this will climb the charts in no time! And just like my album From Here . . . Bounce Back is all about embracing your groove, keeping your perspective fresh, and knowing that things only get better from this point.

Support Darrius on his movement, as this project is destined to be a staple in the culture of smooth jazz for years to come. Thanks Darrius for letting me speak on this record! 

- Derrick Harvin

Bounce Back - EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and more!

1 minute and 23 seconds . . .

As I reach out to share From Here with you, I am learning to enjoy the process myself. Patience is truly a virtue. I remain humble and grateful for your support!

Some as asked, "Why isn't this song longer?" Remember that the short and sometimes silent moments can be the ones that resonant the loudest. When I wrote this song, I remembered the beauty of simplicity . . . a touch that seem to last forever. At the time, a few notes just said more than a complex passage.

So, I invite you to take 1 minute and 23 seconds to embrace a moment. They surround us at all times . . . welcome it. Rather than questioning, take the moment to breathe, live in it, and acknowledge its worth. These Moments . . . 

- Derrick Harvin